That’s My King!

I just got home from the Mission Inn Resort at Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. I was there taking a five-day, intensive theology class – Christology, Soteriology, and Pneumatology. In lay terms, its the study (ology) of Christ, Salvation, and the Holy Spirit. After full days of class plus six writing assignments, I don’t have much left. However, I do have a treat for you…

During class one day, I was reminded of a classic, short “sermon” by Dr. S.M. Lockridge entitled That’s My King! It is an amazing 4 1/2 minute summary of the doctrine of Jesus Christ – well worth your time. Enjoy!

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Curt Hinkle

I am a practical theologian. A theology that doesn't play out in one's everyday life is impractical, or of no real use. A simple definition of theology is the attempt to understand God and what he is up to, allowing us to join him in his work.

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